How to Choose Front Door Colors for Brick Houses of Every Shade

The correct front door color will instantly play up the charm of a brick home's facade, which already has a lot of character and texture to offer. The front door's color can have a significant impact on the overall feel of a home; a new construction can be given timeless appeal by painting it a classic color like crimson or navy blue, while a historic brick Colonial can be brought up to date by painting the entrance a bright, unexpected shade. These simple rules apply to any shade of brick, whether it's red, orange, gray, or whitewashed, and will help you choose the best exterior paint color for your home. If you want to highlight the charm of your brick home, paint the front door a color that complements the brick.

1. Stick to Livable Neutrals

Choosing a single color for your front door might be nerve-wracking because there are so many options. Here are some easy guidelines to help you pick the right hue.

Although picking paint colors can be a fun way to express yourself, it's usually safest to go with a neutral color scheme that won't date quickly. Gray, brown, and taupe are all adaptable neutrals that would look well with brick tones and could help you resell your property if you ever decide to relocate. These hues don't detract from the brick's natural beauty and, in many cases, help to highlight it.

2. Utilize Tones From Nature

If you want to use color, go for earthy tones like deep greens, blues, and dark browns. Alternatively, a black front door with a high-gloss outside coating is a stylish option. To make the brick, trim, and front door stand out, make sure there is a significant contrast between them.

3. Match Front Door Colors with a Professional

Keep in mind that brick is a natural material, so there will be differences in color if you're still having trouble deciding on a color. Have a painter assist you choose out a tiny cream dot or a darker brown spot in your brick sample to utilize as the trim shade or front door paint color to provide a seamless transition from the brick to the door. Before you start painting, make sure your colors will blend well together.

4. Explore Front Door Colors on Foot

Take a stroll if you can't decide what color door will look best with your brick home. In order to get a feel for the brick exterior colors most commonly utilized in your region, it is a good idea to take a stroll about the neighborhood and take note of the curb appeal of the other homes. Any particular permutations jump out at you? Which color combinations are the most visually appealing? Aside from the motivation it provides, this plan can help ensure a successful outcome by preserving the character of your community and the market worth of your homes as a whole.

5. Test Front Door Colors

Before committing to a hue, it's important to see it in real life. Painting a brick wall the wrong color because you saw it on a computer screen or in a magazine may be quite costly. Samples should be painted on both the front and back of the house, and you should check them in the morning, afternoon, and evening if you plan to paint the trim as well. Keep in mind that the effects of natural sunshine on color perception vary with the seasons and the time of day.

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