Red Front Door Colors That Will Up Your Home's Curb Appeal

Red is one of the most popular colors for front doors, whether it's a vibrant fire engine red or a calming subtle coral. To help you decide which shade of red to use in your newly renovated foyer, we've provided some guidelines below.

To name a few examples of red: Red, in any of its myriad tones, is a dramatic color. It can add a jovial burst of energy, a touch of classic elegance, a dramatic contrast, or a harmonious addition to your current color scheme. Regardless matter the tint, red is a widely popular choice that can make an otherwise dull façade pop. This fast and inexpensive renovation can offer a major boost of curb appeal to your home. If you've decided to give your home's exterior a facelift, the next step is to select a paint color. Follow these suggestions to choosing the correct red for your front entrance.

Understand the Different Shades of Red

Colorists can create a wide range of red tones by playing with the proportions of white and black and the concentrations of the various bases. For example, a deep, rich burgundy has considerably more black in it than a delicate pastel shade of red. Above, the house is painted in a subdued red that integrates more white for a gentle salmon effect, which goes well with the crisp white trim and architectural details.

No matter what your home's architectural style is, the color red can be used to set the tone from the curb. A deep, rich, red creates relaxing and substantial feelings. On the other side, a brighter, more electric hue will transmit far more energy and excitement. Decide on what you want your outside to communicate, then select a red color that triggers that feeling in you.

Match Your Red Door with Your Home's Color and Style

A red front door can act as a compliment or a contrast with the rest of your home's exterior, as well as add an accent to its particular style. A darker exterior material, like brick or siding, might benefit from a complementary brighter hue, like red. A lighter shade of siding can benefit from a darker tint of red. Both choices will help bring attention to the door and give a nice contrast.

The finest hue of red for your front door can be determined by your home's architectural type. It's possible that a more traditional color would be more appropriate for such a door. It's possible that you'd have greater freedom to experiment with design and color in a cottage or contemporary home, where you might use everything from a whimsical candy-apple red to a refined crimson shade. Rules of design are meant to be broken, so go with a hue that makes you happy.

If you're trying to decide between several different shades of red, comparing samples is the best way to do it. Place test patches of paint a few inches apart and in close proximity to the door frame, then take a few steps back to assess the results. Check them out from the driveway and the street to get a feel for their scale and layout. Red high-gloss paint provides elegance and goes well with a historic property, but it also highlights any imperfections. You can get the red door you want with any flaws disguised by using semi-gloss paint.

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