Top 10 Most Painful Animal Bites and Stings in The World

10. Stingray
The matter of the stinger’s venom, which causes extreme pain, swelling and muscle spasms.
Stingray victims rarely die, with the very notable exception of TV personality Steve Irwin, who took a stinger to the heart in a tragic 2006 diving accident.

9. Black Widow
Black widow venom doesn’t do any permanent damage, but puts your life on hold for days or weeks after. You may be incapable of thinking lucidly, suffer from night sweats, hallucinations and word slurring.

Gila Monster

Gila Monster

8. Gila Monster
The venom isn’t strong enough to kill an adult human, but it is obviously not pleasant. The lizards have a powerful and unrelenting bite – just about the only way to get them to release their grip is to completely submerge them in water.

7. Tarantula Hawk
When you are stung by one, you are incapable of doing anything but lying on the ground and screaming for 3-5 minutes. One victim says it feels like “like having all your blood suddenly turn to hydrofluoric acid while being electrocuted.” Thankfully there are no lasting side-effects other than lingering skin irritation.

6. Rattlesnake
After being bitten, victims experience immediate, localized pain and swelling. The pain grows worse as the venom, which evolved to pre-digest the flesh of the snake’s victims, spreads through the body and causes severe tissue damage. Other symptoms include nausea, anxiety and, eventually, heart failure if not treated promptly.

5. Arizona Bark Scorpion
This nondescript scorpion is a living, breathing Geneva Convention violation. It is the most venomous scorpion in North America, and its sting locks your nerves into the “you are being eaten alive” position for up to 72 hours. The slightest physical disturbance to the stung flesh produces thunderbolts of pain. Stings also produce vomiting, neuromotor reaction that looks like you’re having a seizure and frothing at the mouth.

4. Platypus
Male platypuses excrete a potent venom from “spurs” in their hind feet during breeding season. It is theorized that the venom is not meant for self-defense, but to paralyze or kill other males competing for females. The venom is not powerful enough to end your life, but it’s certainly strong enough to ruin it for a while. After you are stuck, the area around the wound swells massively. The pain is so intense that it can completely immobilize you for hours. In some cases, the pain lingers for days, weeks, and even months. It is so strong that even morphine is reportedly not strong enough to blunt the agony.

3. Stonefish
Victims describe the feeling as getting hit repeatedly with sledge hammers and kicked in the kidneys, the pain lasting for days or, in one case, lingering for years. Allegedly, some victims have found the pain so overwhelming that they pleaded to have the effected arm or leg amputated.

2. Bullet Ant
Bullet ant. Sting more painful than a Tarantula hawk, and is considered the most painful in the insect world. Not fatal. No permanent damage.

1. Box jellyfish

Most venomous creature in the sea. Nearly invisible to unsuspecting swimmers. Box jellyfish venom is the most potent of any animal in the world. The sting is so intense.

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